Monday, November 3, 2008


So what do you get the man who has everything or at least can afford to buy anything he feels he wants?
A custom bobble-head! Probably because he would never in a million years buy it for himself.

So, for Christmas, the girls at my work decided to put our money together and get our boss a bobble-head made in his likeness. We ordered it from a company based in China at and it just got here today and I'm so excited!

Here are the pictures I took of him to send to the company. Thank goodness he's a busy man and didn't really wonder too much why I was telling him to pose for pictures. I'm sure he forgot all about it.

So, I ordered it on October 7th and it just got here today. I wanted to make sure we got it in time for Christmas. What do you think?


Dani said...

Good likeness! What a cool gift!

erinhaha said...

That is the coolest present EVER!!!!
I am getting my cousin one of him as a Baltimore Raven and I already told Jeremy that "if" we get married, we are getting them as our cake toppers