Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I hate being sick!

I caught the Jones family illness. The same one that Mom and Dad had, that Sue caught, that then Chloe and Emily caught. I have stayed home for the last three days from work. I hate missing work and I feel guilty but I don't want to chance passing this on to anyone else, seeing as it is very contagious.

I also hate wasting time, which is what I've been doing. I wish I could say I got a lot accomplished in these three days but I've mainly just slept and watched Oprah.

I sometimes wish I could get sick to be able to get some time to myself, but it is never how I fantasise it. I have eaten a lot of fish-witches and fruit smoothies from Sheetz. Mmmmmm.


Dani said...

Yuck, Ben and I actually had that too, back in February! I can't believe it is still going around! I hope you feel better soon, enjoy Oprah =)

Sue said...

Oops, sorry Andi! We passed it along to my mom too. The girls are fine now, but my mom and I still have sinus headaches. I hope you get better soon!