Monday, November 3, 2008


So what do you get the man who has everything or at least can afford to buy anything he feels he wants?
A custom bobble-head! Probably because he would never in a million years buy it for himself.

So, for Christmas, the girls at my work decided to put our money together and get our boss a bobble-head made in his likeness. We ordered it from a company based in China at and it just got here today and I'm so excited!

Here are the pictures I took of him to send to the company. Thank goodness he's a busy man and didn't really wonder too much why I was telling him to pose for pictures. I'm sure he forgot all about it.

So, I ordered it on October 7th and it just got here today. I wanted to make sure we got it in time for Christmas. What do you think?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween '08

We got to dress up at work for the first time since I've been working there. Dr. Doxanas was really nice and bought us all crabcakes!

We got some little visitors too. Here is Gabe as a cowboy. He came in our office riding his stick-horse. He was so cute!

And Cadence came dressed as Yoda! His dad must be so proud.

And here he is with his mommy. He's so close to walking on his own, but prefers crawling because he can get around faster. Those long sleeves were getting in the way, though.

Patty and Janet

Beth and Amanda

Tom wearing his famous "costume".

After work we went to my parent's to do some trick-or-treating. Hannah and Ben dressed as Princess Leia and Darth Vader. Danielle did an excellent job with Hannah's hair! Hannah was telling me about it and kept referring to the "hair weave" hair as her "hair leave".
Chloe was a beautiful mermaid. I had the pleasure of making her costume this year. I loved it so much I wanted to wear it myself! It was so sparkly!

Emily was Tinkerbell. She was so cute! When we first started out trick-or-treating, she cried when we left the first few houses. She didn't understand and was upset and couldn't understand why we were leaving the nice people who were giving her candy! She caught on soon enough, though and was trick-or-treating like a pro.

And last but not least, here's Zachary (or as Ryan decided to call him "Zack Attack"). Zachary was a cut fish to match Chloe's mermaid! This was, by far, the CUTEST baby costume I've ever seen.

Danielle carried on the Star Wars theme by dressing as Padme. It was an awesome costume that her sister, who wore it last year, mailed to her.

Mike and Will humored my request to dress as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. They were getting upset as the night went on because everyone kept saying, "hey look at that clown!" or, my favorite, "hey, what's up with those big trousers"?

I don't have many pictures of my costume. I was Alice in Wonderland. Here's one with the snaggle-tooth Cheshire Cat.

Here you can see a little more of my dress. Can you see Zachary peeping over Chloe's head?

I had a great time this year. My parents got us the traditional Subway dinner and had hot chocolate waiting for when we got back.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why won't my husband let me buy an island?

Now, how cool would it be to say "Yeah, I own my own island"? I love Canada, even though I have never been there. I would like to one day move there. I saw on tv a man who is a broker who sells islands. He said that if you can afford to buy a car, you can own an island. So I went to his website and the first one I saw was only $27,900! (after the US/Canada exchange) And it was called Davis Island! Now if that is not meant to be, I don't know what is.

It's about .80 acres and it looks to only have a shed built on it. It's not like what one would think of when they think of an island. It's covered in trees and doesn't seem to have a beach and it's in Nova Scotia, which is not the climate for sunbathing or water sports. But I don't like beaches anyways.

Here's a sattelite photo of the island:

And here's a zoomed out picture:

How awesome would that be? Now I know, I don't have even have a boat or a pier or a place to stay when I'm on my island, but I could take care of that later, when I get more money. Who else would be able to say they own their own island? We already own land in Scotland (so what if it's only a square foot) why would it be so weird to do this?

So, as it is now, Ryan and I can't afford to buy this even if we take out a mortgage. So who wants to go in this with me? We can build a nice vacation spot with a cabin maybe even drive a golf cart around! Come on, people! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Swing low, sweet chariot

After 192,000 miles of dedicated service, we are finally laying down to rest our 1999 Saturn. This car has been a great constant in our family for the last ten years. Here are a few, final words to honor this beloved but often unappreciated car:

My dad bought it brand new (I think it might have been his first new car) for a commuter car when he lived in New York and would drive all the way to Maryland each weekend to spend it with us. When he moved back to Maryland, he didn't want it anymore. He wanted a more interesting ride, I think he bought his first Miata at this point. It then became my car, my forth, I think. I had to get rid of my VW Cabriolet because it was costing my parents too much to keep fixing it up. I drove it for a few months before I, too, grew bored with it and opted for something with more spice. I think it then became my dad's car again when he was forced, against his will, to sell his beloved Miata. When my dad found the next car that he just had to have, his first PT Cruiser I believe, my brother Will got it. It became his work horse until he passed it on to my other brother, Mike. Will wanted something more interesting and I think he got another Jeep Cherokee. Mike had it until he, too, found something better, an Audi 3000, if I'm not mistaken. So Mike was going to sell it to CarMax and my parent's bought it from him for the price CarMax would have bought it and gave it to me as part of my wedding dowery. I grew to appreciate it after going through countless old, unreliable cars. It lasted until I got my first brand new car, a 2007 Toyota Yaris Liftback. So, then my husband took it on. It was strictly a work commuter car, since I wanted to take the Yaris whenever we went out. Ryan drove it for the last two years until today when it was shaking when he would shift. Ryan originally wanted to try and fix it, but estimates that it would need a new clutch, ball bearings, rotors, ball joints, CV joints, struts and the reverse lights repaired (yes, he has been driving without reverse lights for some months now) to get it driving safely again.

It was a good, practical car with no whistles or bells. Greatly under appreciated by those who owned it, just a bridge to get them to the car they really wanted. But it was ever so faithful, with few, if minor, repairs lasting just shy of 200,000 miles and a whole decade. I looked for a picture to post of it, but sadly, I never took one of it. It was never a pride and joy, but just a means of transport. You served us well, sweet chariot, and though you won't really be missed, you will always have a special place in my heart.

"I'm not a color man, but I think that would be amethyst." - car mechanic when asking what color the car was

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Trails Brian and Kristina!

Brian and Kristina are moving to China! I am really jealous, it's going to be so cool experiencing another culture. Last Saturday, Mike and Sue had a going away party for them. Here are some of the pictures I took:

Here's Ben. He kinda looks like he had lipstick on. He was my best friend for the day since Chloe and Hannah were off in girl-land and Emily wanted to play with the ice cubes on the deck.

Emily was so funny. Every time she saw me with my camera facing her, she would say "Cheeeeeeeese!" over and over and over.

I'm sorry the video is sideways. I don't know how to change it yet. I'm such a dweeb for shooting it that way!





It was John birthday that day. Here he's playing with the kids. I love Chloe's face.

Ben loves his webkinz. I do too! I taught him how to take care of his garden. Well, my garden. I tricked him into taking care of my garden. :)

Okay, so I don't know how all these pictures bundled like this. I can't get them apart. So there you have it, my mediocre photography skills showing off my pathetic blogging skills. If this doesn't post I think I'm going to cry and you'll never see these pictures. It seriously took me two nights to do this post and the autosave isn't letting me save. I wish I knew how to do this better. :(

I hope you enjoyed!

I got a new camera!

Here are some of the "artistic" pictures I took with my camera. In this one, the mustard was yellow but I used this cool color swap feature to make it more red. It doesn't always work, but this one looked pretty good.
This one was using the color enhancing feature. You chose a color and it brings out only that color.
Same here. Beth was my model.
Look how clear those condensation droplets came out!

In this one, Ryan made the blue sky pink.
Oh, I guess I should tell you what kind of camera it is. It's a Canon PowerShot SD750 Digital Elph. It's a 7.1 megapixel. Danielle has the same one but in a 12 megapixel. I got to teach her how to use these features. I felt like a true jonesgeek!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hershey Gardens

Ryan and I often like to do typical Pennsylvania touristy things. This weekend we went to Hershey Gardens by Hershey Park. It was huge! The coolest thing was the butterfly garden. It was in a small, enclosed tent with lots of flowers for them to suckle. Here are a few pictures of the pretty butterflies we saw:

These were in some of the chrysalis' hanging in a case. This brown butterfly had recently hatched and his wings were folded up. I think they have to let them dry before they can fly.
I'm really proud of this picture. I was just trying to take a picture of him on the flower and he took off just as I snapped the camera.
We felt sorry for this little guy. No one wanted to take pictures of him! So we made him feel cool.
One of the many pretty flowers there.

And Ryan and me enjoying the flora.